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Momma's Promise

First, and foremost, I promise, you are not alone. Every day, every one of us is being faced with the realization that our lives are now digitized. Possession is electronic. Our greatest memories, our prized collections, our years of hard work, and even our investments are now simply "data."

Over the years, as you trust your livelihood to your doctor, your finances to your accountant and your car to your mechanic, I promise to safeguard your memories and protect your digital assets as your computer technician. I will guide you as you grow in digital knowledge and necessity. I will be there when you think all has been lost. And I promise to always lead the way through the “Web” of information that surrounds you…like only a mother can.

"Momma Motherboard is highly trained and skilled and offers just about any type of computer repair, laptop repair, or iPod repair. Including many more jobs others do not perform such as personal computer shopping and computer program lessons designed to save you money.

Why replace a whole computer when only one piece needs replacing? Simple, right? Well, not all technicians have the same knowledge. Think of it this way...if most technicians are computer doctors, then Momma is a computer surgeon."

Momma Approved
CompTIA A+ Certified IT Technician
Microsoft Certified Professional
Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator Messaging